HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color Printer M551 series - Repeating defects

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Repeating defects

If defects repeat at regular intervals on the page, use a ruler and the table below to identify the cause

of the defect. Place the top of the ruler at the first defect. The marking that is beside the next occurrence

of the defect indicates which component needs to be replaced.

Distance between defects

Product components that cause the defect

27 mm

Print cartridge (primary charging roller)

32 mm

Print cartridge (developer roller)

44 mm

Print engine (primary transfer roller)

49 mm

Print cartridge (replenishing/supply roller)

50 mm

Print engine (secondary transfer roller)

76 mm

Print cartridge (OPC)

77 mm

Fuser (fuser film)

78 mm

Fuser (pressure roller)