HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color Printer M551 series - General tab

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General tab

Table 10-3

HP Embedded Web Server General tab



Control Panel Administration

Shows the menu structure of the Administration menu on the control panel.


You can configure settings on this screen, but the HP Embedded Web

Server provides more advanced configuration options than are available through
the Administration menu.

Alert Subscriptions

Set up e-mail alerts for various product and supplies events.


Use the HP Embedded Web Server


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Table 10-3

HP Embedded Web Server General tab (continued)




Configure the product to send automated e-mails regarding product configuration
and supplies to specific e-mail addresses.

Control Panel Snapshot

Shows an image of the current screen on the control-panel display.

Edit Other Links

Add or customize a link to another Web site. This link appears in the Other Links
area on all HP Embedded Web Server pages.

Ordering Information

Enter information about ordering replacement print cartridges. This information
appears on the supplies status page.

Device Information

Name the product and assign an asset number to it. Enter the name of the primary
contact who will receive information about the product.


Set the language in which to display the HP Embedded Web Server information.

Date and Time

Set the date and time or synchronize with a network time server.

Sleep Schedule

Set or edit a wake time, sleep time, and sleep delay for the product. You can set a
different schedule for each day of the week and for holidays.

Backup and Restore

Create a backup file that contains product and user data. If necessary, you can use
this file to restore data to the product.

Restore Factory Settings

Restore product settings to the factory defaults.

Solution Installer

Install third-party software programs that can enhance the product functionality.

Firmware upgrade

Download and install product firmware upgrade files.

Statistics Services

Provides connection information about third-party job-statistics services.