HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color Printer M551 series - Erase Job Data

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Erase Job Data

There are several methods to protect data stored on the product hard drives. One solution is to

purchase a product with an HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk. With an HP High-Performance

Secure Hard Disk, the data on the drive is not accessible if it is erased from the product. Use the Erase

Job Data feature in the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS) to securely erase print jobs from the hard

drive. Erase Job Data should be performed prior to donating, recycling, or transferring ownership of

the product.


This feature is available on the product only when an HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk

has been installed.

Erase Job Data


Open the HP Embedded Web Server by entering the product IP address into the address line of a

Web browser.


Click the Security tab.


Open the Protect Stored Data menu.

Erase Job Data offers the following levels of disk security:

Non-Secure Fast Erase (no overwrite)

Secure Fast Erase (overwrites once)

Secure Sanitize Erase (overwrites three times)


Secure Fast Erase overwrites data once and has little performance impact. Secure Sanitize

Erase overwrites data three times and can impact performance