HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color Printer M551 series - Match colors to your computer screen

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Match colors to your computer screen

The process of matching product output color to your computer screen is quite complex, because

printers and computer monitors use different methods of producing color. Monitors display colors by

light pixels using an RGB (red, green, blue) color process, but printers print colors using a CMYK (cyan,

magenta, yellow, and black) process.

Several factors can influence your ability to match printed colors to those on your monitor. These factors



Printer colorants (inks or toners for example)

Printing process (inkjet, press, or laser technology for example)

Overhead lighting

Personal differences in perception of color

Software programs

Printer drivers

Computer operating system

Monitors and monitor settings

Video cards and drivers

Operating environment (humidity for example)

Keep the above factors in mind when colors on your screen do not perfectly match your printed colors.

For most users, the best method for matching colors on your screen to your product is to print sRGB